Vinefru TOKYO


Commitment to materials

Carefully selected domestic fruit of fresh taste season, sent directly from farmers.

Vinegar uses Yokoi vinegar which is the only brewery in Tokyo. The characteristic of Yokoi brewing is that it uses gluten-free grain vinegar and rice vinegar made by long-term aging of domestic sake cake without using any additives, and the fruit personality with a cleaner and mellow taste than vinegared by other companies It is a safe product that adds no additives.

Water used AREGA's hydrogen water. It is "premium water" made possible by AREGA's advanced technology. "Safe water" + "Delicious water" + "Good water for body"


Fruit sugar

Sugar used fruit sugar (fructose). Fruit sugar is the ingredient which is said to be the sweetest among naturally occurring sugars. As a nutritional effect of fructose, it can be expected to recover from fatigue, eliminate hangover, strengthen liver function, prevent hypoglycemia, etc. Fruit sugar is a natural sugar contained in honey and fruit a lot, it is chemically different from sugar and glucose, especially when it is cold it gives about 1.5 times the sweetness of sugar, so use less than sugar Calories can be reduced as much as you need. The amount of energy is 4 Kcal / g, which is the same as sugar.

The flavor effect of fructose not only complements the aroma of milk and fruit but also it can expect antiseptic effect because it has about twice the osmotic pressure of sugar. Working in the body of fructose is as follows.

  • · Glycemia gently increases
  • · Metabolized irrespective of insulin
  • · Quickly become energy

Coffee and tea

VinefruTOKYO has prepared coffee and tea carefully selected with waffle pancake.

Coffee used beans of specialty coffee specialty shop Horiguchi coffee. We will offer you the best quality coffee beans with the latest extraction method, American Press (fusion of Aeropress and French Press).

For tea, we use tea leaves of carefully selected Ronneferto. Lonnefeld tea is a German tea loved by world-class hotels in Dubai including the 7-star hotel Vaginal Arab.

Interior that made use of natural wood table

Inside the shop is a natural tree-centered space, especially the shop owner stuck to the one-sheet board of water cherry blossoms of 200 years old. It is a piece that I fell in love with at a showroom of TAICHIRO, a timber company Tottori.